Australia live news: Queensland orders hundreds to restart quarantine over fears of UK Covid variant

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I think the safest thing to do is to move all of the guests out of that hotel to other hotels immediately. So that has now started and will happen today. So all of those 129 remaining people in that hotel will move, will get tested and will stay in quarantine for 14 days unless we find out what the link is.

So far, it’s floor 7, so we’re going to be very, very careful about floor 7, of course, and see whether that’s where it spread and the rest of the hotel is fine, but we don’t know, so we’re taking a really cautious approach, as we always do here in Queensland. Given that the earliest there could have been any spread from that gentleman from the UK is when he arrived into Australia, into Brisbane, on 30 December, we’re using that as a point going back to.

So anyone who has been in that hotel since that time, 30 December, onwards, whether they be staff, ADF, police, or Health or any of the guests, and services workers, maritime workers, we’re asking that all of those people immediately get tested and go into quarantine for 14 days from when they left the hotel.

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