Australia politics live: AFP warns Scott Morrison about delays in reporting alleged criminal conduct

A mistake was made, a human error, and a serious error, and, of course, we need to learn from these mistakes if they occur.

This error should not have happened and we apologise to the residents and their families and the carers at the facility for the distress that this has caused.

I’m advised that it appears that the two residents received the equivalent of four doses of the vaccine, but this is still to be verified.

During clinical trials, similar high doses, or higher doses, of the Pfizer vaccine were initially used without significant side effects being reported among the recipients.

There have also been similar incidents of incorrect administration of higher doses of the vaccine reported in other countries as they have been rolling out their vaccines, including in Germany and the United Kingdom.

As the minister has said, both the residents are doing very well. They have not experienced any side effects in relation to this dosage.

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And as we’ve heard, one resident is returning home and the other is staying in hospital for an unrelated reason. The doctor concerned made a serious mistake. He delivered an incorrect dose of the vaccine to two people.

He had not undertaken the required training on the safe use of the Pfizer vaccine.

This incident has been reported, as is required, to the appropriate regulatory authority, the Office of the Health Ombudsman in Queensland, which will make a determination about whether to refer the incident on to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, AHPRA.

I have been advised by the company that this doctor has not been involved in the delivery of vaccines at any other facilities.

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