Central Unified superintendent arrested on domestic violence charges

Fresno County Sheriff’s deputies said Andrew Alvarado was booked into the Fresno County Jail last Thursday night for felony of inflicting corporal injury on a spouse.

Video Transcript

WARREN ARMSTRONG: Thank you. More breaking news now. “Action News” has confirmed the superintendent of the Central Unified School district was arrested last week on domestic violence charges. Andrew Alvarado was also booked into jail for an outstanding warrant for allegedly contracting without a license.

MARGOT KIM: Action News reporter Nathalie Granda joins us from the district office in Northwest Fresno now with more on the case and the superintendent’s response, Nathalie.

NATHALIE GRANDA: Yeah, well, Warren and Margot, Alvarado has been with the school district for a little over two years now, and last week Fresno police say they arrested the educator for those charges, but he has since been released now. They say that the call came in from someone who says Alvarado was pushing and throwing objects at them. That call coming in last Thursday evening. They also say there were more people at the home when officers arrived. He was taken to the Fresno County jail, but posted bond shortly after being booked.

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DIANA TRUEBA VEGA: The officers that spoke to both involved parties did see visible injuries on the caller. Mr Alvarado was taken into custody that day for felony domestic violence charges, he also had a misdemeanor a warrant for failure to secure payment and contracting without a license.

NATHALIE GRANDA: Now, we did reach out to Alvarado who did confirm the arrest last week, and to his knowledge says the district attorney has not yet filed charges. He says the process needs to run its course at this time and would not further comment on the case. However, he says that he does plan to discuss the arrest with the school board during their next meeting during the closed session. For now live in Northwest Fresno, I’m Nathalie Granda, ABC 30, Action News.

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