Islamic State Crime Group murders TV presenter in eastern Afghanistan


Afghanistan News – According to information from World News Superfast, the Islamic state group took responsibility on Thursday for an attack in which a TV presenter was killed in eastern Afghanistan. Governor’s spokesman Ataullah Khogiani said two attackers opened fire on Malala Maivand’s car shortly after leaving their home in Nangarhar province two days ago. He said the MyWand driver was also killed by the bullet.

Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Ariyan said

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Police immediately arrested both attackers, saying they had confessed to their crimes. According to information received by World News Superfast, the SITE Intelligence Group, which follows militant news online, has taken responsibility in a “publication” posted on the Internet. The province of Nangarhar is the place where the IS subsidiary was founded five years ago and has its headquarters.

ISIS has alleged the recent attacks on civilians in Afghanistan.

According to information from World News Superfast, the Taliban, who also work in the region, are holding peace talks with government officials. Negotiations are ongoing in Qatar. MyWand not only worked as a television and radio presenter, but was also an activist who campaigned for the rights of Afghan women and children.

Two Afghan journalists were killed in various bomb attacks in Afghanistan last month. The reporter for the International Press Freedom Group without Borders has named Afghanistan one of the deadliest countries in the world for journalists.

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