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Facebook faces a global backlash over its bid to ‘bully’ Australia

Elected officials and media publishers in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the United States slammed Facebook’s actions on Thursday, suggesting they were anti-competitive and underscored the need for a regulatory crackdown. “It is one of the most idiotic but also deeply disturbing corporate moves of our lifetimes,” Julian Knight, the lawmaker who chairs the […]

‘Sort this out’: Facebook’s chaotic news ban in Australia blocks pages for fire services, charities and politicians

Facebook’s sudden and dramatic decision to block people from sharing news in Australia has had unexpected consequences for a wide range of government organizations and service groups, who woke up Thursday to find that their pages had been inexplicably swept up in the company’s far-reaching ban, too. The American social media giant said Wednesday that […]

One of Apple’s more controversial tech features may be going away this year. Many won’t miss it

While the MacBook Pro design hasn’t changed significantly in five years, Apple will eliminate its digital Touch Bar, according to a January memo from Ming-Chi Kuo, a top Apple analyst with TF International Securities. CNN Business translated the memo from Chinese. Apple first unveiled the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro in 2016. It’s a […]

Alibaba prepares to face investors as crackdown in China intensifies

The company is expected to report a 33% jump in revenue for the quarter ended December compared to a year earlier, according to analysts polled by Refinitiv. But strong revenue might not be enough to soothe concerns from investors, who have been rattled by worries over how hard Chinese authorities might come down on Ma’s […]

Forget foldable TVs. Transparent screens are the cool new tech trend

In a video shown during the all-digital CES 2021 consumer tech conference on Monday, LG (LPL) unveiled a transparent TV with a screen you can see through when on or off. The clip shows a 55-inch OLED display rising from the foot of a bed, looking like a sheet of glass before a movie appears […]