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Biden approves major disaster declaration for Texas: FEMA – Times of India

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden has approved a major disaster declaration for Texas which has suffered widespread power blackouts and water shortages during a deadly deep freeze, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said on Saturday. Millions of residents in the United States‘ biggest oil and gas producer have dealt with power outages, and nearly half of […]

Texas governor’s biggest donors: Energy industry that failed – Times of India

AUSTIN: As frozen Texas reels under one of the worst electricity outages in US history, Republican Gov Greg Abbott has blamed grid operators and iced-over wind turbines but gone easier on another culprit: an oil and gas industry that is the state’s dominant business and his biggest political contributor. And as the toll deepened Saturday […]

In foreign policy reset, Biden to review Taliban deal – Times of India

WASHINGTON: The Biden administration will review the Trump dispensation’s “peace deal” with the Taliban to determine whether the insurgent group has reduced attacks in Afghanistan in keeping with its side of the agreement, the White House said on Friday. White House officials said President Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan spoke with his Afghan counterpart […]

Trump shuns ‘ex-presidents club’ – and the feeling is mutual – Times of India

WASHINGTON: It’s a club Donald Trump was never really interested in joining and certainly not so soon: the cadre of former commanders in chief who revere the presidency enough to put aside often bitter political differences and even join together in common cause. Members of the ex-presidents club pose together for pictures. They smile and […]

Records: Trump allies behind rally that ignited Capitol riot – Times of India

WASHINGTON : Veterans of President Donald Trump‘s failed reelection campaign had key roles in orchestrating the Washington rally that spawned a deadly assault on the US Capitol, according to an Associated Press review of records, undercutting the grassroots image pushed by groups involved in the event. A pro-Trump nonprofit organization called Women for America First […]

Pence congratulates Harris, offers full co-operation in transition of power – Times of India

WASHINGTON: Outgoing US Vice President Mike Pence has called his soon-to-be successor Kamala Harris to congratulate her and offer his full co-operation in the transition of power, according to multiple media reports said. However, there has been no communication between outgoing President Donald Trump and president-elect Joe Biden, which is unprecedented in recent memory. “Vice […]

Trump considering lawyer who spoke at rally for impeachment defence: Sources – Times of India

President Donald Trump may hire a law professor who spoke at his rally before the riot at the US Capitol to help defend him in an impeachment trial over a charge that he incited the violence, according to two people familiar with the matter. John Eastman, who joined Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani on stage […]

How Donald Trump’s 2nd impeachment will unfold – Times of India

WASHINGTON: The House is expected to impeach President Donald Trump for his encouragement of supporters who stormed the US Capitol, a vote that would make him the first American president to be impeached twice. While the previous three impeachments – those of Presidents Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Trump – took months before a final […]

Thousands of Trump supporters gather again in Washington – Times of India

WASHINGTON: Thousands of red hat protesters filled the streets of Washington on Saturday in support of them Donald TrumpUnsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud, unwavering by the US Supreme Court‘s rejection of what could have been his last chance to reverse the results. Thousands gathered around Freedom Plaza, a few blocks from the White Housein a […]